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Punaise de lit (bedbug ou puce de lit)

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Bedbugs and mites are a plague that we have been hearing a lot about lately. They became epidemic in New York and made headlines, particularly at the beginning of 2011. Bedbugs have since crossed the Atlantic and are increasingly present in France. They are frequently brought into the home following a stay in hotel. Once the vermin settle at your house, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

The answer to bed bugs

Biosense uses GreenWool, wool that has been given the Greenfirst treatment against bedbugs made from essential oil extracts, free from chemical fixatives, active chemical ingredients or pesticide. Thanks to this natural treatment, the bed is protected from bedbugs, dust mites, and mites. And the wool preserves all its characteristics and its original properties. This natural anti-bedbug treatment is available for mattresses and mattress covers, and makes it possible for the Biosense products to retain the original properties of organic bedding.

Organic anti-bedbug mattress

All the Biosense products are available with the option of GreenWool anti-bedbug treatment. This option is 25 CHF for baby/junior mattresses (up to 70x170), 40 CHF for single mattresses (up to100x200) and 65 CHF for double mattresses (widths greater than 100).

To take advantage of this offer, please contact us at +33 2 40 84 02 38 or use our contact form.

Organic anti-bedbug mattress cover

For a smaller investment, you can get very good results with an anti-bedbug mattress cover. You will improve the quality and comfort of your bed at the same time. The Biosense Evolution model includes an anti-bedbug treatment.

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