The 100% natural plant latex

Latex naturel à 100 %

Sleep naturally

Biosense mattresses use 100% natural plant latex, combining respect for the environment and top quality.

certification eco-institut The Biosense 100% natural latex is certified eco-INSTITUTE (certificate number ID 0410 - 12826 - 001). It is one of the strictest German certifications.

The latex, or milk of hevea, has excellent technical qualities.

However, its characteristics can vary according to its origin.
Biosense chose to turn to Sri Lanka for the exceptional quality of its latex, immaculate white, completely odourless, and possessing poperties of perfect elasticity and durability. Carte des pays producteurs de latex végétal

Produced without the addition of chemical substances, according to ancestral savoir-faire and with respect for quality standards, our latex is guaranteed 0% synthetic.

After transformation, it preserves all the qualities of natural latex: comfort, maintenance, non-toxic, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties, biodegradable.

By using 100% natural vegetable latex, Biosense made respect for the environment one of its top priorities.

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