an environmental approach

La démarche environnementale de Biosense

Sleep naturally

At about thirty meters in height, hevea is mainly cultivated in Asia, in South America and Africa. The sap of the hevea is collected by making an incision in the surface of the tree’s bark. A tree can produce latex for approximately 30 years.
Any felled tree is immediately replanted in order to preserve the ecosystem and to ensure respect for the environment.

In accordance with the ethical design of the product, Biosense bedding engages in an environmental approach.
The latex is a natural resource harvested with respect for the environment.
Our environmental approach applies to the various phases of product development: culture, production, transformation into latex foam (without treatment nor addition of chemical products), packaging… Quantité de latex nécessaire pour la fabrication des matelas Biosense

Natural latex also has properties that make it a “friendly” material to the environment.
Its superb performance ensures a lifespan much longer than that of other materials used in the manufacturing of mattresses.
By producing 100% natural biodegradable latex mattresses, Biosense facilitates waste processing.

In addition, the finishing of the Biosense mattress relies primarily on natural materials.

certification eco-institutLe latex 100 % naturel Biosense est certifié eco-INSTITUT (certificat numéro ID 0410 - 12826 - 001). Il s'agit de l'une des certifications allemandes les plus draconiennes. Nous n'avons par ailleurs qu'un seul fournisseur de latex, qui gère en interne la culture, la récolte et la transformation : l'assurance d'une traçabilité irréprochable pour une qualité exceptionnelle et constante.

With Biosense, you can feel assured that you have made a responsible purchase.

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