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  • Matelas Biosense Premium
  • Matelas Biosense Premium
  • Matelas Biosense Premium
  • Matelas Biosense Premium


The Biosense Premium mattress was designed to meet a double requirement: to find a proper balance between ensuring good posture for the body all night long and great quality comfort.

A product of technical excellence, manufactured in France and equipped with incredible resilience, the Biosense Premium mattress avoids pressure points, maintains and relieves the spinal column, and ensures less motion disturbance from one side to the other.

The thickness of the mattress combined with the density of the latex provides a very soft effect on this balanced and comfortable bed.

The Premium collection is available two lines: Natural Premium, with bamboo/cotton ticking and Organic Premium, with 100% certified organic cotton ticking. These tickings add their breathability, softness and comfortable natural qualities to those of the latex. Carefully engineered to conform to the contours of your body, the mattress provides a feeling of lightness and enveloping wellbeing.

certification eco-institutBiosense’s 100% natural latex is certified eco-INSTITUTE (certificate number ID 0410 - 12826 - 001). It is one of the strictest German certifications.

The quality and density of the latex used guarantee the longevity and durability of this mattress, which will retain its original qualities for years.

The Biosense Premium mattress provides comfort, relaxation and quality sleep.

Data sheet

Monozone mattress

French manufacturing

Support:: soft, balanced comfort

Height: 22 cm

Sizes: all standard sizes


  • 100% natural latex
  • Height: 15 cm (for a total height of 22 cm)
  • Origin: Sri-Lanka
  • Density: 75 kg / m³


  • Winter side: 
    • Biolaine 500 g / m²
    • Wool padding 400 g / m²
  • Summer side: 
    • Silk 100 g / m²
    • Wool padding 400 g / m²

Ticking: "Natural" or "Organic"

  • « Nature » ticking: 40% bamboo / 60% cotton
  • « Bio » ticking: 100% certified organic cotton

Double stitches

2 vertical handles across the length of each side

Guarantee: 8 years with a Biosense bed base, 5 years without.

Delivery time: from 1 to 3 weeks according to size and ticking

Certifications of the product or its components

Certification ABC ResearchCertification Biolaine®Certification Eco-institutCertification FSCCertification GOLSCertification GOTSCertification GreenfirstCertification LGACertification Oeko-Tex®Certification Oeko-Tex®Certification Stork

Qualities of 100% natural latex :

  • high level of resistance
  • extreme durability
  • high resilience
  • breathes naturally
  • naturally anti-dust mites and anti-bacterial
  • important hypoallergenic virtues
  • cool in summer
  • warm in winter


Qualities of organic cotton

Cotton is a natural vegetable fibre that is very absorbent, flexible and elastic. It is both durable and comfortable. Additionally, it is resistant to static electricity.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • no GMOs
  • cultivated without pesticides
  • certified GOTS
  • certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100


Qualities of bamboo

Bamboo is a natural fibre possessing astonishing properties. The textile fibres are directly extracted from the pulp of bamboo and do not contain any chemical additives.

The combination of cotton and bamboo make it possible to obtain a ticking of a great durability, comfort, breathability, and resistance while remaining soft to the touch.

  • 100% natural (biodegradable)
  • soft and fresh
  • comfortable
  • silky
  • resistant and elastic
  • very absorbent (4 times more than cotton)
  • anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties
Practical information

Sizes availableall standard sizes. Custom-tailored manufacturing is also possible for all your needs: antique beds, boat beds, special mattresses for adjustable bases… Do not hesitate to contact us!

Care:  The Biosense Premium mattress possesses excellent natural hygiene thanks to the properties inherent in the 100% natural latex (proper ventilation). However, it is advised to air your room daily in order to evacuate body moisture produced during the night and to air out the mattress.

Mattress bases, sheets and under sheets:  The sizes of our mattresses are standard, therefore compatible with all types of under sheets or sheets of standard sizes.

The majority of mattress bases with slats fit perfectly with Biosense mattresses. In case of doubt about compatibility with a particular model, do not hesitate to contact us.

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